Theodore Roosevelt (President, USA, 1901 - 1909) once said "Life is a great Adventure". He set precincts to the most famous expeditions on the river Amazon in 1912, with his son Kermit and a Brazilian explorer. The mortifying journey led him through dangerous jungles, native Indians and near death situations. His tools: make shift wooden rafts, canoes carved out of age old trees and wooden oars. The challenges: the inexorable wild and the intrepid river. 54 year old then, he set an example for the entire world; adventure and thrill has no bar of age sex or creed. Its passion with which IGA conducts its own course for white water rafting and kayaking adventures.

We lead expeditions through:

Rafting in Zanskar

The most exotic rafting expeditons of the world.

Expedition on the Zanskar river is completely self supported, and passes through the steep gorges carved out by the river...

Rafting in Upper Alaknanda

One of the most popular rafting getaways of Northern India

This is one of the most exotic rafting expeditons of the world in the mystic Himalayas...

Rafting in Bhagirathi

An excellent option for adventure seekers down the Ganga and Bhagirathi rivers

The pleasure of traveling down a remote part of this river makes it a very exciting trip, besides the whitewater...

Rafting in Kali Sharda

Thrilling, self contained white water expedition in the Himalayan river Kali.

Floating past tarraced farms of Kumaoni and Nepali villages, fresh water streams, sandy beaches, thick tropical jungles...

Clients testimonials

  • "Prateek and his team was outstandingly proffesional. And it shows in there work. I hadthe best time of my life doing rafting and staying at the IGA base camp near rishikesh. It was an excellent experience."
    - Rahul K. Gupta,
    BMR Advisors
  • "I have been going for these outdoor activities since i was 14, but never got such professional blend of services and complete adventure. IGA has this really good management."
    - Shailendra Bisht,
    Relationship Manager, Deutsche Bank