Jeep Safari

"I once saw a tigress stalking a month-old kid…the kid went forward to meet her….for the duration of a few heart beats the month-old kid and the Queen of the forest stood nose to nose, and then the queen turned and walked off in the direction from which she came." - JIM CORBETT, My India

IGA India takes you to following jungle safari's:

Test the time and blast off... Rock the raft and glide with pride. Warm culture & hot Paddling

Clients testimonials

  • "Prateek and his team was outstandingly proffesional. And it shows in there work. I hadthe best time of my life doing rafting and staying at the IGA base camp near rishikesh. It was an excellent experience."
    - Rahul K. Gupta,
    BMR Advisors
  • "I have been going for these outdoor activities since i was 14, but never got such professional blend of services and complete adventure. IGA has this really good management."
    - Shailendra Bisht,
    Relationship Manager, Deutsche Bank