We operate seasonal base camp on the Ganges from September through June each year. Large Tents with cots, table and chairs safari showers and toilets ensure "Luxury Camping" in a pristine river setting of silver sand on the Ganges. These base camps are the nerve center of myriad outdoor activities white water rafting, canoeing, kayaking, rapping, rock climbing, bird watching, day hikes to nearby hill villages or a discourse on yoga by the bank of the GAnges. Many of our longer treks or multi day river trips originate & end at these base camp making for a well rounded outdoor experience. Our corporate teams building exercise are also conducted from these camps.

Himalayan Outdoors takes you through the following camps:

Camp Gold Coast

Camp Gold Coast offers complete outdoor experience

Himalayan Outdoors CAMP GOLD COAST serves as an ideal base for adventure activities in the Himalayas...


Discover yourself in the serene surroundings of Nature with CAMP LITTLE JAGUAR.

CAMP LITTLE JAGUAR provides all necessary creature comforts that make your stay delightful and enjoyable...

Clients testimonials

  • "Prateek and his team was outstandingly proffesional. And it shows in there work. I hadthe best time of my life doing rafting and staying at the IGA base camp near rishikesh. It was an excellent experience."
    - Rahul K. Gupta,
    BMR Advisors
  • "I have been going for these outdoor activities since i was 14, but never got such professional blend of services and complete adventure. IGA has this really good management."
    - Shailendra Bisht,
    Relationship Manager, Deutsche Bank