Angling in Himalayan Waters

For angling enthusiasts, Pancheshwar is U-Daredo.The kali is the home of the famous MAHSEER and promises an excellent fish game. The only catch is - You have to leave the big catches back where they belong. In pre-independence tims, angling was very popular pass time of the britishers and was called "the great game". The GOLDEN MAHSEER is a sporting fish and is found in large numbers in the rivers and lakes of Uttrakhand. Fishing is allowed in Gaht(sayru river) Pancheshwar (confluence of Kali and Saryu), Jauljibi(confluence of Gori and Kali), Chuka (confluence of ladiya and Kali) and Boom (Saidr river).

Dodital in Garhwal (Uttrakhand) is another heaven for angling enthusiasts.

We lead Angling expeditions through:

Test the time and blast off... Rock the raft and glide with pride. Warm culture & hot Paddling

Clients testimonials

  • "Prateek and his team was outstandingly proffesional. And it shows in there work. I hadthe best time of my life doing rafting and staying at the IGA base camp near rishikesh. It was an excellent experience."
    - Rahul K. Gupta,
    BMR Advisors
  • "I have been going for these outdoor activities since i was 14, but never got such professional blend of services and complete adventure. IGA has this really good management."
    - Shailendra Bisht,
    Relationship Manager, Deutsche Bank